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Research & Technology Division


Cat Salois, Director

P.O. Box 740
28232 Endicott Rd.
Colfax, WA 99111

The McGregor Company Research and Technology Division opened in the 1980s as an extension of the knowledge and services we provide to our crop advisers and customers.

Based on Research

Our team works closely with researchers at Washington State University, University of Idaho and Oregon State University regarding fertility studies, weed and pest control, varietal trials, application timing, resistance issues and new product tests.

Technology Testing

As agricultural technology needs increased, we began testing different technology on our applicators, sprayers, tractors and in the hands of our crop advisers. The data gathered by this technology is transferred into usable information by our Precision Division and the Information Technology Department.

Equipment Design -- McGregor Deep Furrow Drill

Significant time is spent in designing equipment that will improve production methods in various regions of the Inland Northwest.  Most recently we have been working on a Deep Furrow Drill - the goal is to engineer a drill that could seed into higher surface residue which would reduce wind erosion and improve overwintering moisture infiltration, do a better job of maintaining furrows and improve stand establishment in marginal conditions.  Watch it in action HERE!

Conventional to Direct Seed

Since 1999 The McGregor Research Station, located just west of Colfax, WA, has conducted research using a McGregor Direct Seed System. The crop ground on the station is farmed using this same system. This allows us to monitor changes that take place when a production system is converted from conventional farming practices to a direct seed system.

The high concentration of field experiments conducted on the McGregor Research Station provides our crop advisers and customers a high degree of innovative crop research and data. This research addresses a broad range of agronomic issues and helps McGregor customers enhance their future profitability.