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Pullman, WA


Rory Schlenker, Service Manager

101 Whelan Road
Pullman, WA  99163

Planting to Harvest

The McGregor Company’s Pullman office, opened in 1962, has a full team of professionals to provide growers around Pullman and Albion with the products and equipment they need to successfully raise the soft white and hard red wheat, garbs, peas and lentils that makes this region thrive.

Staffed to Serve

Growers are served by crop advisers James Wittman and Matt Weber (CCA). Whether you need seed, fertilizer, crop protectants, equipment or advice on a specific problem, our Pullman team, led by Service Manager Rory Schlenker, is ready to serve you.

Online Access

McGregor customers can access their account information through the Customer Login link above. Click here to register for this service or contact our office for assistance.

Count On Us

We thank you for your business and are pleased to serve you.

The team you can count on for higher yields and cleaner fields:

The McGregor Company - Pullman, WA
Rory Schlenker, Service Manager
Bill Krick, South Palouse Business Unit Manager, Certified Crop Adviser