About McGregor

sherman on applicator

From over a century of working with the land, The McGregor Company harvests a legacy of service.

We are the largest independent fertilizer, agri-chemical, & equipment dealer in the Pacific Northwest.

The McGregor Company has deep roots in Inland Northwest agriculture. More than 100 years ago the McGregor family came to the Palouse country, as sheep raisers.

Generations of Experience

In 1901, the McGregors added wheat to their farming enterprise. Promising nutrient research work done on the McGregor Ranch by Washington State College agronomist Harley Jacquot led to further experimentation. Sherman McGregor, a second generation family member, and Jacquot began experimenting with commercial fertilizers in 1948. Farmers from throughout the Inland Northwest traveled to plot tours held each summer on the McGregor Ranch. This marked the beginning of the McGregor commitment to agricultural research and development, which we have continued since those pioneering days.

You Needed It. So We Made It

The McGregors also began to develop an equipment manufacturing business in the early fifties. We designed and tested applicators and sprayers to meet the needs of the extensive wheat farms of the Inland Northwest. Our coil spring shanks and advanced design application equipment became the standards throughout the Inland Northwest and the Canadian prairies.

A Community Presence

What started as a sideline of the family’s general store at the ranch headquarters in Hooper, Washington, grew steadily under Sherman McGregor’s leadership. By 1956, The McGregor Company was set up as a separate company to handle our family’s fertilizer, agri-chemical, and equipment activities. The McGregor Company grew to 17 retail outlets by its centennial year of 1982. Today, more than 35 communities in three Pacific Northwest states are served by The McGregor Company.

Good Seed Makes a Good Harvest

I attribute the growth and success of The McGregor Company to finding “good people,” many of whom have been with us for 20 years or more. We are proud of the involvement of our employees in the communities we serve. Long term support from the outstanding farmers of the Inland Northwest and dedicated employees have combined to make The McGregor Company the largest independent fertilizer, agri-chemical, and equipment dealer in the Pacific Northwest.

Alex McGregor,
The McGregor Company